Elevate the everyday with one of a kind, hand painted home goods and fine art.

Michele V Pruyn grew up on the beaches of Coronado, CA with its gold flecked beaches and small town feel. She uses her UCSD Chemistry background to invite you on a journey to her hometown and leave you with a lasting memory of the coastline she calls home.

The Art of MVP specializes in fine and functional art that celebrates special occasions and elevates the everyday. Whether it is a serving tray or cheeseboard, home goods don’t have to be boring.

Each piece is hand painted with custom mixed proprietary pigments, eco-friendly wood products, food safe, heat & UV resistant epoxy resin to mimic the depth and movement of the ocean. Due to the curing nature of epoxy resin, each piece is truly a one of a kind original. No matter your decor, there is nothing like having a sleek pop of the ocean to bring relaxation into your home.

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